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Search engine optimization

SEO is a set of procedures by which your website content is highlighted and structured so that search engines can easily access information, increasing the number of visitors/customers.

The optimisation process is imperative and must be done following the rules dictated by the search engines. Not doing so can have negative effects on your website. We can prevent this by helping you optimize your website in order to get better results.

Social media pages management

Managing social media networks is a time consuming task.

We can help you save the time or guide you through the process.

We need the direction you want to channel your personal or corporate efforts and we will do the rest.

We research, promote, bring visitors on social media and related websites, will post content, all by following a strategy determined together.

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Promotional campaigns creation

In order to bring visitors and therefore clients, you may need paid promotional campaigns.

A promotional campaign launched at the right time and directed to the appropriate audience will bring an increased flow of visitors which in time will turn into clients.

Also it will increase your site’s visibility in the long term.

We can help to target promotional campaigns and rationalize funds for maximum efficiency.

Websites maintenance

A website is essentially an advertisement that will run nonstop.

Because it always costs more to fix than to maintain, to be always up to date a website needs maintenance.

Whether it’s adding or modifying content, periodical backups of databases, database optimization, changing the structure and layout, these are all important aspects of running and maintaining a website.

By securing an experienced company to update and maintain your site properly you are actually saving money in lost sales and visitors.

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